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Fancy Diamond

Since colored diamonds have been found on earth as natural colored diamonds a lot of effort has been spent of finding nice looking colors throughout the whole color range from violet to red. Finding and mining colored natural diamonds - especially those with a nice and homogeneous color - are very rare and therefore extremely expensive. A couple of 100.000 dollars up to millions of dollars for single diamonds have been paid already. Since quite a long time scientists, gemologists and engineers developed processes to create a certain bandwidth of different colors applying combinations and variations of irradiation and annealing to natural diamonds. Color variations and market demand started to increase for color-treated natural diamonds as well.

When processes of making synthetic diamonds have been developed and more and more optimized a new era has been born. From a physics point of view the growth process of lab grown HPHT diamonds is very similar to those grown deep in the earth. For this reason HPHT diamonds are as unique as natural diamonds are. Nowadays a wide range of good quality white and colored lab grown diamonds are on the market. During the last few years the quality of white and colored lab grown diamonds improved very much so the market share increased continuously. At present nice blue, yellow, pink, purplish and green fancy colored diamonds found their way into the jewelry market. Nice and attractive fancy red diamonds are still missing on the world market. Most of the so called red diamonds have a secondary color like Brown, Grey, Green.

fancy diamonds from rough to cut

Fancy EYE

Diamonds are beautiful crystals and often the question comes up where to find the right diamond. White and colored natural diamonds are always a good choice because this is natural beauty in its perfect form. When it comes to colored diamonds especially fancy red brilliants there is - to our knowledge - only one choice: Our lab grown HPHT diamonds made by dEYEmond®. We make unique diamonds where every single diamond has been grown, treated and polished individually to become a nice unique brilliant.

First we select our raw diamond materials each individually. These diamonds are crystalized in a high temperature and high pressure environment similar to natural diamonds which are crystalized deep in the earth. However our lab grown HPHT diamonds are crystalized in a dramatically shorter time than natural diamonds. Once the raw diamonds are selected our process is applied to all of them individually in order to have them finalized for best results. We have a range of colors from orange red to pinkish red. Finally our treated fancy red diamonds are cut and polished individually using a handwork polishing process. The polishing process is constantly controlled under a microscope in order to achieve excellent results in shape, dimensions and symmetry. Finally all our fancy red brilliants are unique, special and do not exist twice. Get in contact with us and hear more about our diamonds.

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Mission 2022

Showing our fancy red diamonds to dealers and jewelers in Europe and in the US we received very positive feedback. In the near future we will build up a good network of jewelry manufacturers and fine jewelry retailers so that the market introduction of our fancy red diamonds will move forward quickly. Diamonds sourcing is very important so we established long lasting business relationships to important and reliable suppliers.

We aim to set a standard in the market for attractive fancy red diamonds worldwide in order to become a reliable manufacturer and source for the jewelry all over the world.

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Vision 2022

The colored diamond market is still a niche market compared to the traditional and for ever lasting white diamond market but people are getting more and more interested in upcoming new jewels with colored diamonds created by designers and innovative global acting companies. The production of red fancy diamonds with its enormous potential to address so many different aspects in jewelry needs to get further developed and optimized so that fancy red diamonds become even better.

We founded and started our company dEYEmond GmbH & Co. KG because we have the approach to achieve a more attractive red color than what is currently on the market. Even our first trails showed lots of interest and we are getting closer and closer to an acceptable color arrangement than everybody else. With continuing effort and increasing motivation we feel comfortable to achieve even better results regarding color and brightness.

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Strategy 2022

Producing fancy red diamonds is a very difficult process where several different process steps are involved. There are several conflicting color centers which makes it extremely difficult to determine the red color. Our processes are unique regarding to its parameter sets but also different to others. The most suitable raw diamond material is the HPHT lab grown diamond. The production process is well developed and a very good quality is available on the market.

Characterization and classification of the basic diamonds is very important. Therefore we will establish even closer cooperations with diamond growers as well as diamond polishing companies. For a beautiful fancy red diamond we will accept only top quality regarding cut and clarity throughout all sizes and shapes. Quality control and reproducibility is very important and a key success factor for our future business.